EMEA Events in 2015

EuroMedLab is one of the most important annual international forums for clinical chemistry and laboratory medicine professionals. And in 2015, the 21st IFCC-EFLM European Congress of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine declared Paris as the venue for this unique event.

Key figures from EuroMedLab Paris 2015:

- More than 10,000 professionals from 106 countries
- More than 160 laboratory suppliers
- 27 symposia and 5 plenary readings
- 37 workshops sponsored by companies
- 1,285 posters presented

Specifically for Tosoh, EuroMedLab Paris 2015 offered a chance to showcase such new instruments as the AIA-CL2400, TRCReady-80, and HLC-723G11. Also on display was our Evoline™ Manager, the middleware of our open tracking line.

One of the educational workshops that was favorably received during the week was on the topic of State of the Art Nucleic Acid Amplification Test: The Benefit of RNA Detection, which was held on June 24 in cooperation with Tosoh.

Euromedlab booth LD