Molecular Solutions

The TRCReady™-80 is designed for fluorescence measuring applications in constant temperature to detect specific target RNA using Tosoh designated TRCR reagents.

This combination of two technologies – TRCR reaction and INAF probe – achieves real-time, one step, rapid and efficient detection of RNA.

TRCReady®-80 is Easy and Fast, Reliable and Secure.

TRCReady®-80 Features

Easy to use : The reagents are provided ready to use. Simply add the substrate and primer mix and the enzyme to each extracted sample, and set the samples in the TRCReady®-80 analyser. 

2 analysers can be combined.

Rapid: Results are obtained around 30 minutes after setting the extracted samples in the TRCReady®-80 analyser. 

  • No need for reverse transcription; RNA is directly amplified.
  • High-speed isothermal amplification 
  • One-step real-time amplification and detection

Flexible: No need for batching, up to samples per run

Accurate: A built-in internal control that amplifies with the target rRNA is used to detect possible inhibition of nucleic acid amplification. 

Double-wavelength detection: False-negative results are avoided by simultaneous measurement of the target r- RNA and internal control.

Contamination-free: Because nucleic acid amplification and detection are carried out in a closed tube, there is no risk of amplified products contaminating other samples. 

TRCReady®-80 Dimensions

  • Width 350 mm, Depth 600 mm, Height 600 mm
  • Weight: 47 Kg.

TRCReady®-80 Brochures