The AIA cup: Simple and Ready to Use Reagents

The AIA-Pack technology utilises the original concept patented by Tosoh based on individual test cups, each containing lyophilised and ready to use reagents.

AIA-Packs use Fluorescence kinetics as measuring method. Together with the unique Tosoh cup this provides:

  • High assay sensitivity
  • Long shelf life and calibration stability 


The AIA-Pack can be used on all Tosoh AIA systems, with the standardised test cup ensuring consistent performance.

Easy to use

The reaction takes place in the test cup, from the pipetting of the sample, the antigen / antibody reaction up to the signal detection.


Example: sandwich test 

Reaction AIA Sandwich

Seal breaking
by instrument 
with speciman
and the Diluent 
Incubation  Washing  Addition of
Substrate + enzymatic
flourescence detection 



Save time and money

  • 1 cup= 1 test
  • Minimal waste due to the cup format
  • Long stability of reagents and sub reagents
  • Long calibration stability (up to 90 days)

No Contamination, more traceability

  • Because there is no transfer of reagents the risk of contamination is eliminated
  • The unique Bichromatic fluorescence kinetic measurement ensures a high analytical and functional sensitivity for all assays
  • AIA-Pack test cups and trays are labelled with the assay code and lot number for automated scheduling and inventory



One Reagent Fits All

Tosoh AIA-Pack Assays can be used on all of our AIA-Immunoassay Platforms.