Automated Enzyme Immunoassay System AIA-360

Bench top Immunoassay Analyser

The AIA-360’s size and affordability make it an excellent fit for POLs and small hospitals, as well as for specialty testing or for use as a back-up analyzer.

AIA-360 Features

  • 36 tests per hour
  • First result ~ 20 minutes
  • Full ST test menu
  • Random access
  • Continuous processing
  • Simple touch screen operation
  • Bar-coded primary tube sampling

The AIA-360 is ideal for:

  • Physician Office Labs
  • Small hospitals
  • Specialty analyzer
  • Back-up analyzer

Volume of tests/day:

  • <500 tests per day

AIA-360 Dimensions:

  • Width: 400 mm, Depth: 400 mm, Height: 520 mm
  • Weight: 29 kg

Reliable, Simple, Flexible

  • AIA-PACK principle
  • Positive identification of samples and reagents
  • Fibrin, sample, clot, air bubble ditection and sample level sensing
  • Start-up in less than 10 minutes
  • Limited maintenance
  • 3 simple steps: place the samples, the AIA-PACKs and press START
  • Same reagent system used across the entire AIA franchise
  • Its combined features

AIA-360 is also an ideal solution for Emergency tests...

Proven Analytical performances:
Troponin I is based on IFCC, ESC and ACC recommendations
99th percentile = 0.04 ng/mL, CV at 10% = 0.035 ng/mL (Reported) **
BNP using the same antibodies as the reference method (Shionogi patent)
Complete fertility panel for the diagnosis of ectopic pregnancies
or monitoring of in-vitro fertilization
hCG without hook-effect up to 2 000 000 mIU/mL

** K Tanaka, et al., J.Clin.Lab.Inst.Reag., 35:4; 579-585 (2012)