Tosoh Instruments for LA

Tosoh Instruments ready for Laboratory Automation (LA)

Tosoh systems in both immunoassays and chromatography implement international NCCLS specifications. This means that the analysers are 'Pit Line' capable - i.e. able to sample directly from the automation tracks.

An expert system allows communication between the automation and the analyser, creating a high degree of synchronicity. This ensures the same performance levels are achieved as those obtainable in stand-alone mode.

Automatic HPLC analyser for HbA1c, β-thalassaemia and Haemoglobin Pathologies.

  • The only such instruments that can be used directly on an automation chain.
  • Operational simplicity - no specimen pre-treatment required.
  • Fast results of just 1.6(G8) and 2.2(G7) minutes per sample
  • Accurate and precise, with automatic maintenance to ensure reliable operator free usage.
  • Compact dimensions of approximately 50x50x50 cm ensure no space is wasted.
  • Sampler with 90 positions allows the analyser to also be usable in stand-alone mode. 


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AIA 2000 LA

Automatic Analyser for Immunoassays 
  • The instrument is usable directlly on the automation chain and has a throughput of 200 tests/hour with time to first result in just 20 minutes. Fully automatic with random access.
  • Analyte selection of 36 analytes/specimen with multiple calibration curve stability of 90 days.
  • Sampling from primary test tube with bar code specimen recognition, in addition to level and clot sensors, auto-dilution and auto-pre-treatment.
  • Also usable in stand-alone mode.


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